Australian wheat market sees small price increases at grower level earlier this week but wheat is globally still in bearish trend with large ending stocks as per latest WASDE report. Export demand remains low in SEA regions, with APW containers quoted at low U$280/mt – traded U$273/mt Thailand port; APH2 at U$345/mt to CNF SEA major ports with lack of interest from buyers. China continues to cancel US & Australia wheat bulk shipments as they may be looking at other cheaper origins and their own upcoming harvest for lower priced purchases.

The global oilseed markets, purely driven by middle-east security macros have led crude oil and palm oil price surges. Australian canola prices in turn have also been receiving support last week. With rapeseed harvest from Ukraine, May onwards we may see some global downward pressure in physical markets. Canola container business pricing presently unworkable to Nepal at U$620/mt levels.

In India, with the limited arrival of domestic lentils in the local mandi’s and perceived tight pulses crops balance sheet, there has been some activity in the Australian red lentils market. Trades have been reported at US$720/MT levels for CFR Kolkata in containers for June/July shipment in containers. Australia domestic pricing has surged A$40-A$50 pmt in last 10 days. No demand for faba beans in India, as we heard trade offers at U$490-495/mt to CFR Kolkata with no interest from buyers.

Demand for Australian red lentils and desi chickpeas in Pakistan is sluggish, which is also influenced by the ongoing Eid holiday’s. Reportedly, there is limited buyer interest in the trade offer for NIP1/HAL1 at US$715/mt to CFR Karachi this week.

Australian Lentil export shipments surged by 61% in Feb,24 compared to the previous month; India and Pakistan were the leading buyers, as per ABS.

The Australian chickpea market has traded sideways in both new and old crops this week. There has been limited buying activity from countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates. New crop 24/25 (Oct-Dec) crop containers trading with multi-port options around U$720/mt CFR sub-continent/ME ports. There has been very limited grower participation in forward selling of new crop chickpeas just yet but we expect this kind of pricing will be strong motivation for growers to increase acreage planted to chickpeas – we will know more in June once crops are planted.

Chickpea export shipments increased by 44% in Feb,24 compared to the previous month; Pakistan and the UAE were the major importers, as per ABS.

Trade activity in Nepal has been observed, with Australian red lentils trading at US$755/mt levels for CFR Birgunj in containers.

In China, the demand for sorghum is currently stable to low for May/June/July shipments, with trade offers heard at U$302/mt CFR Tianjin in containers this week. Rains at harvest in Queensland have been a bit of dampener for Sorghum trade. Sorghum exports dropped by 51% in Feb,24 compared to the previous month; China and Japan remained significant markets, as per ABS.

As we learned on GMB demand that due to the availability of GMB from other origins at lower prices, interest in Australian GMB has diminished; the quoted price for Australian GMB at US$940/mt to CFR Qingdao in containers.

Australian barley trade offers at U$270/mt to CNF China major ports with lack on interest. Barley exports, including feed barley, decreased by 38% in Feb,24 compared to the previous month, while malt barley exports fell by 63% during the same period; China continued as the primary buyer for both malt and feed barley, as per ABS.

Since last 2-3 weeks no significant demand is coming for faba beans & lupins from Egypt as Eid holiday’s going on. Australian faba beans are now on a tight balance sheet with limited availability of good quality beans in Victoria and South Australia. Prices have steadily increased, we can expect some more beans for export container business to only show in July post FY close for growers.

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