Who We Are


Venedor International Pty Ltd is engaged in procurement, processing, wholesale and distribution of a wide range of pulses, grain and oilseed products through an integrated supply chain system. 

We have a global presence and have considerable experience in the handling of diverse grain produce 

Our pre-dominant focus is Australian pulses, grains and oilseeds. 

We not only offer and guarantee reasonable prices but also ensure prompt delivery of high-quality agricultural commodities. 

Primarily we trade in Wheat, Barley, Canola seed, Chick Peas, Faba Beans, Green Moong Beans, Lentils, Lupins, Oats and Sorghum. These products can be bought from us in bulk in containers or in bags in containers. 

We are well connected with all international markets with particular focus on South East Asia, Indian sub-continent and MENA. 

Our team consists of highly experienced traders with industry expertise and experience with an integrated supply chain support system and a strong market network

The team study and act on future trends, so that we can act and perform for long term sustainability in the business. 

In addition to building a trustworthy long-term relationship with all our business associates, brokers, and suppliers as well as international and domestic customers, we strive to achieve high level satisfaction with both internal and external stakeholders 

Our business goal is to remain ethical, establish and sustain an outstanding reputation for continuous delivery of quality goods and also fulfilling our business obligations in the event of significant adversity. 

We aim to build efficiencies together with our stakeholders, establish new ideas and capitalise on emerging opportunities in the agri-business space, and enable connected communities to prosper. 

Farm to fork - We enable it

What We Do


Our Team

Jogesh Virk

Jogesh brings to Venedor 26 plus years of expertise in agri-commodities trading. He has strong procurement linkages in Australia and marketing linkages in South East Asia, Indian sub-continent and the Middle East and has profitably managed large volume trading of grains, pulses and oilseeds. He is passionate about sustainable agriculture and follows with keen interest the shifting consumer perception in favour of plant-based food.

Neel Adroja

Neel has joined Venedor International as a Trader. He is very enthusiastic and passionate about growing the market for grains, pulses, and oilseeds in the nations of the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, the European Union, and Southeast Asia. Neel previously held the position of Executive Trading at Coal Trading Firm. Neel completed his electrical engineering degree at Gujarat Technological University and his MBA at Sardar Patel University in Gujarat.