Wheat markets continued to track lower this week with ongoing harvest in Russia boosting confidence of Russian exporters. B Sea to SEA – 11.5% pro wheat in containers reported as trading into Indonesia U$261/MT for Aug/Sep; FW offers reported in bulk low U$260’s CFRLO Thai port. Concurrently, Australian wheat prices have fallen, with the SEA region’s APW1 being quoted below U$295/MT CFR SEA major ports.

India’s pulses basket experienced slower trading this week due to traders re-adjusting and re-aligning trade positions according to recent statutory directives on stock limits and imports. The Indian government expects pulses basket prices to cool off in Jul/Aug period on increased imports of pulses from Africa countries and increased planting of Tur in Karnataka and Maharashtra though increased production is subject to sufficient monsoonal coverage.

The Indian government has recently imposed stock limits on pulses until September 30, 2024, and on wheat until March 31, 2025, to regulate prices and reign in food inflation.

Currently Australian desi chickpeas CHK1(23/24) are quoted at U$840/MT (Jul/Aug) & new crop CHK1(24/25) quoted at U$850/MT (Oct/Nov); U$840/MT (Nov/Dec) CNF India main ports in containers basis. There is minimal trading activity in Australian red lentils, with prices ranging from U$730/MT (Jul/Aug) to CNF India main ports in containers.

Post-Eid holidays, the Pakistan market has seen some trading activity. The current crop of Australian desi chickpeas (CHK1) is traded small volumes at U$835-840/MT, with trade offers for CHKM at U$815/MT and NIP1/HAL1 at U$750/MT, CFR Karachi (Jul/Aug) in containers. Shipping containers to Karachi ongoing challenge with limited shipping lines providing service ex Australia.

All agriculture commodities are experiencing low demand in China; Australian sorghum is being quoted at U$300/MT, CFR China major ports, though buyers are aiming for U$290–292/MT (Aug/Oct) coverage. Kaspa peas are quoted at U$500/MT to CFR Tianjin, but there is low buying interest as bids stand at U$450-455/MT. Australian GMB – P grade is offered at U$985/MT to CFR Qingdao, while buyers show more interest in the cheaper grades of GMB from Australian GMB – M grade under U$810/MT, Argentina under U$750/MT, Brazil under U$805/MT, and Myanmar under U$800/MT.

In Egypt, minimal demand for current crop of Faba beans & Lupins offers are quoted at U$550/MT & U$535/MT to CFR Damietta in containers (Jul/Aug).

In Nepal, there has been some trade activity in Australian red lentils at U$785-790/MT levels to CFR Birgunj & GM canola min. 44% – quoted at U$665/MT & CHK1(23/24) at U$890-895/MT to CFR Birgunj in containers

The Australian winter crop is in good stage of progress. Seed germinating rains have got crops up and running but follow up rains are crucial in some low subsoil moisture regions in South Australia/Victoria and Western Australia. Central Queensland received major crop boosting rains this week with almost 1-2 inches rains on all cropping areas which will significantly boost their chickpeas production. QLD and NNSW chickpeas are also planted on good sub-soil moisture and getting decent followup rains. Lentils in SA and VIC still need to see a major rain event to boost potential as they were planted on low sub-soil moisture and continue to receive only 5-10 mm each rain event in June.

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