As per recent report of ABARES, 23/24 crop production for wheat at 25.96 MMT (2% below 10 yr average), barley at 10.8 MMT (4% below 10 yr average), and canola at 5.68 MMT which is still higher production than long term average crops.

Australian wheat market has remained flat with little demand and growers choosing to hold back on sales. Australian wheat is still not competitive against other wheat origins into SE Asia. No significant demand into China as well. Russian and Ukraine continue to ship out their wheat at 10-15% higher pace than same time last year and at a significantly cheaper price than Australian and US wheat.

In SEA region, we are getting inquiries for Australian wheat forward shipments. This week we heard trade offers quoted for APW1 to U$270/mt levels & APH2 to U$332/mt levels to CNF SEA major ports in containers. Bit of an uptick in shipments of wheat in containers ex Australia as per latest stats – is increased by approx. 25% from Dec,23; as Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand are main buyers. Exports of bulk in vessel is increased by 104% from Dec’23; as China & Indonesia remained top buyer as per ABS.

Australian red sorghum is in demand this week in China, trading at U$290+/-/mt to CNF China main ports. Also, Australian green mung beans are also gaining some interest, with quotes between U$945-950/mt to CFR Qingdao in containers May shipments. Interest in Kaspa peas seen earlier this week at USD 415/mt main China ports.

India’s demand for Australian red lentils is slow due to domestic rabi crop harvesting on cards, as we heard from the market sources that with few forward cargo trades of NIP1/HAL1 at U$700/mt for June shipments in containers. There was a slight uptick in forward demand earlier this week which was mainly driven by lower mandi arrivals in India coupled with some fear of increased government purchases which may decrease stock availability. However, with an exportable surplus of 800,000 MT+ from Australia and significant stock at government warehouses, any surges should be limited.

Australian desi chickpeas & lentils are experiencing a bearish market in Pakistan due to the Ramadan festival and local crop harvesting on the cards, as heard from the market source that lentils vessel of 22K is arrived at port & also desi chickpeas vessel of 16K enroute to Pakistan, as result local market is down at the moment. This week heard trade offers for NIP1/HAL1 at U$695/mt levels to CFR Karachi in containers. Desi chickpeas – no demand forthcoming with seller quotes ranging $640 CHKM to $690 CHK1 (23/24)

Interest in Australian KASPA PEAS and CHK1 has been observed in Bangladesh, with trade offers quoted at U$460/mt levels & U$685/mt levels to CFR Chittagong in containers. Limited sales though with LC opening issues still ongoing.

No movement / demand in Nepal for Australian lentils, desi chickpeas & GM canola seeds in CFR Birgunj.

Egyptian pound devalued almost 50% this week, from 31 pounds to the dollar to 50 pounds/dollar, stabilised at 49.5. USD inflows expected to increase which may assist USD availability. No demand for faba or lentils from Egypt this week.

The Australian dollar experienced 1% jump this week, now trading 0.6632.

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