Global wheat markets experienced a seasonal slowdown during the festive season break, while Australian wheat markets remained quiet as well. In SE Asia region, APW being quoted at U$305/mt levels & AH2 being quoted at U$385/mt levels to CFR major SEA ports.

In desi chickpeas, experiencing slow demand in new crop from any destination. Nepal is completely absent from participation. No price parity in Pakistan & Bangladesh market.

Australian lentil demand is bearish in India, we heard trade offers for NIP1/HAL1 at U$735-740/mt levels to Kolkata with no firm buying interest. Limited trades reported last week between at U$710-715/mt levels in containers.

We are seeing some trade activities in Pakistan around desi chickpeas as Ramadan is near buyers are trying to secure coverage in Jan shipments. We heard trade offers for CHKM quoted at U$625-630/mt levels to CFR Karachi for Jan shipments in containers & also we are hearing trade offers for NIP1/HAL1 at U$730/mt levels to CFR Karachi in containers.

In Nepal, no major developments are observed in Australian lentils, desi chickpeas & Canola seeds. As we are hearing buying idea for GM Canola min.44% at U$580/mt levels to CFR Birgunj in containers.

The Chinese market is silent as no firm demand coming for Australian barley & KASPA PEAS. Buyers are receiving trade offers of Russian barley at U$230/mt as the feed market searches for low-cost barley. For Australian sorghum, we are hearing buying idea at U$320-330/mt levels for new crop to CNF China major ports in containers.

In Egypt, we are observing some activity in Faba beans, as we heard trade offers for Faba beans quoted at U$485/mt levels to CFR Damietta in containers.

The Bangladeshi market is silent, no participation from buyers.

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned are for indication purpose only

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