Global wheat market still dominated by Black Sea wheat. Australian wheat is having difficulty because of the sluggish demand in the SEA region; this week, APW1 and APH2 were quoted at U$280/mt levels and U$340/mt levels to CNF major SEA ports in containers.

China is returning from vacation & we are seeing demand for Australian red sorghum, as heard this week trading at U$290/mt levels at CFR Tianjin. We have learned that Australian Mung beans were quoted at U$980/mt levels to CFR Qingdao. This week bids for Australian Kaspa peas are improving to U $400/mt levels to CNF China major ports in containers.

Australia’s red lentils are currently in slow demand in India; we learned last week that NIP1/HAL1 is trading in containers for CFR Kolkata at U$690–695/mt levels in containers. As reported last week, there is not much demand for faba beans, as heard Faba beans traded at U$445/mt levels to CFR Kolkata.

Yesterday, India extended yellow peas import time till 30th April 2024, Also heard from the market source that small quantity of Australian desi chickpeas traded at U$685/mt to CFR Mundra & multiple port options in containers this week.

In Pakistan, we are observing sluggish demand for Australian red lentils & we hearing Australian red lentils trading at U$700/mt levels.

In Nepal, no significant demand for Australian red lentils, chickpeas & GM canola. As we heard GM canola trade offers at U$575/mt levels to CFR Birgunj in containers.

We are seeing minimal demand in Egypt for Faba beans & as we are hearing trade offers at U$495/mt to CFR Damietta in containers.

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