The Chinese market has been experiencing a slowdown and fluctuations in demand over the past 1.5 months. Australian red sorghum has been quoted at U$300/MT for CFR China major, whereas buyer’s target price remains at U$290/MT as spot market is weak & traders are losing money at the moment.  

Australian barley enjoys strong local demand, yet it contends with intense competition from Black Sea barley in China. Bulk Australian barley is priced below U$265/MT, Russian barley quoted at U$250/MT, Ukrainian barley priced at U$240/MT for bulk & under U$255/MT for containers, and Canadian barley is trading below $260/MT (Jul/Aug) to CFR China in containers.

Currently, there is a lack of buying interest in Kaspa peas owing to low demand, with spot market rates hovering around U$430-435/MT. Similarly for Australian GMB – P grade quoted at U$950/MT to CFR Qingdao, lack of buying interest as buyers prefers cheaper options such Kenya at U$800/MT, Myanmar at U$805/MT; Argentina at U$730/MT; Madagascar at U$880/MT; Brazil at U$805/MT. 

In SEA regions Australian wheat – APW1 quoted at under U$295/MT; APH2 at U$365/MT; AH1 at U$335/MT to CFR SEA major ports in containers & also we heard that ASW quoted at U$285/MT; H2 at U$310/MT levels to CFR Qingdao in containers with no firm buying interest.

The Indian pulses market has experienced minimal activity over the past two weeks. The market for desi chickpeas has seen a slight decline, leading to lack of buying interest. Consequently, CHK1(24/25) new crop was traded at U$825/MT (Nov/Dec) & trade offers CHK1(23/24) old crop at U$850/MT to CNF India in containers. Furthermore, there is a subdued demand for Australian lentils, with offers standing at U$745/MT to CFR Kolkata (Jul/Aug) & forward trade offers at U$720/MT (Nov/Dec) to CFR Kolkata in containers.

Pakistan’s market has experienced a decline this week. Hearing trade offers of CHK1(23/24) at U$865/MT; CHKM at U$805/MT; NIP1/HAL1 at U$760/MT to CFR Karachi (Jul/Aug) in containers with limited buying interest. As heard from market sources that local market prices for CHKM is improved to U$785/MT & nipper at U$750/MT levels this week.

Bangladesh market is quiet – sentiments are bearish from buyer due to high prices of desi chickpeas, red lentils, canola & kaspa peas. Hearing from market source that local market prices for red lentils at U$715/MT & desi chickpeas at U$795/MT levels.

Sluggish demand in Nepal for Australian lentils, desi chickpeas & canola at the moment. Hearing offers of canola at U$675/MT; NIP1/HAL1 at U$775/MT; CHK1(23/24) at U$895/MT levels to CFR Birgunj in containers.  

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