According to the latest ABARES report, the forecast for winter crop production in 2024/25 is as follows: Wheat – 29.1MT, Barley – 11.5MT, Canola – 5.4MT, Lentils – 1.6MT, Chickpeas – 1.1MT & Lupins – 1.39MT.

Last week, the weather in Russia and Ukraine turned out better than expected, which caused the global wheat market to dip. Australian wheat market also experienced a price decline, dropping by A$10-12 nationwide. In SEA, APW is quoted at U$312/MT; APH2 at U$350/MT levels to CFR SEA major ports.

The Chinese market is currently stable to low due to weak demand. Australian sorghum is quoted at U$305/MT levels CNF China major ports, attracting limited buyer interest. However, buyers are looking at cheaper sorghum from the USA and Argentina origin; market reports suggest that USA sorghum is trading in bulk at U$296/MT, while Argentine sorghum is trading in bulk below U$260/MT to CNF China major ports.

Australian GMB – P grade is being quoted at U$1020/MT levels to CFR Qingdao with limited buyer interest as buyers receiving offering of GMB from Myanmar origin at U$810/MT levels to CNF China ports. 

Australian MALT1 barley is quoted at U$310/MT for CFR Tianjin in containers, yet buyers are opting to wait as the prices are not viable. Similarly, for MALT FAQ barley, buyers’ bids stand at U$272/MT for containers, which is considered far too low given the high origination prices in Australia.

KASPA PEAS demand is minimal, as we heard trade offer quoted at U$505/MT to CFR Tianjin while buyers bids remain at U$470/MT levels.   

Pakistan’s market has been sluggish for the past four weeks; no demand coming for Australian red lentils & desi chickpeas. As we hearing NIP1/HAL1 being quoted at U$755/MT; CHK1 at U$920/MT & CHKM at U$840/MT levels to CFR Karachi (Jul/Aug) in containers.

India’s desi chickpeas demand has remained steady; however, there was no trading activity last week due to the expected election results. Offers quoted at CHK1 at U$910/MT to CNF India in containers (Jun/Jul). Australian red lentils demand is minimal at the moment, as we are hearing NIP1/HAL1 offer quoted at U$745/MT to CNF India in containers. As we learned from market sources that Tanzanian desi chickpeas trading at U$875/MT to CNF India (Aug/Oct) in containers.

Nepal’s market is currently not showing interest in Australian desi chickpeas, red lentils, and canola; as trade offers at quoted at U$935/MT; U$805/MT & U$680/MT levels to CFR Birgunj in containers (Jul/Aug) in containers.

Egypt’s market experiencing sluggishness in Faba beans & Lupins demand.

In Bangladesh, getting few inquiries for Australian canola & Kaspa peas. 

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