This week, the global wheat market experienced notable developments. China’s cancellation of 504,000 Tonnes of US wheat and the postponement of Australian wheat shipments could be attributed to a market slowdown. The absence of trades in Australian wheat, due to competitive pricing from other sources, has led to a subdued market atmosphere in the SEA region. Price quotations for forward shipments indicate APW1 at U$270/mt and APH at U$335/mt for key CNF SEA ports in containers.

Since China return from vacation, we have observed a robust demand for Australian red sorghum in China. Currently trading at U$295/mt levels for CFR Tianjin in containers, we are also getting advance inquiries for sailing shipment in June/July, and July/August. Australian GMB is being quoted at U$940/mt levels for CFR Qingdao in containers, as we have learned from the market, and there is a demand for forward cargoes for May/June shipments. Over the past two weeks, Chinese bids for Australian Kaspa peas have climbed to U$420/mt levels for CFR Tianjin in containers.

In light of Ramadan, the market demand in Pakistan for Australian red lentils and Desi chickpeas has seen a decline over the past two weeks. The last reported transaction for NIP1/HAL1 was a container trade to CFR Karachi at a price of US$700/mt.

The market demand for Australian red lentils in India has seen a decline over the past fortnight, attributed to the ongoing harvest. Currently, buyers are showing a lack of interest. There have been couple of forward cargoes trades reported for NIP1/HAL1 at US$690/mt for July shipments.

Last week we are noticing certain forward deals reported of Australian desi chickpeas new crop (24/25) was traded at US$695/mt , with multiple port options (Mundra/Jebel Ali) Oct/Nov shipments.

In Nepal, there has been no major developement in trade activity in Australian red lentils, Desi chickpeas, and canola seeds.

In the current market scenario, Nepal’s trade activities involving Australian red lentils, Desi chickpeas, and canola seeds remain stagnant. Hearing from market sources that few trades reported of NIP1/HAL1 at U$720/mt; Canola bids at U$575/mt to CFR Birgunj.

Egypt continues to struggle against foreign currency. Owing to the diminished demand for Faba beans, trades reported last week at US$465/mt to CFR Damietta.

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