Global wheat market is bearish, as market experts are anticipating rise in demand post Chinese New Year as China being key buyer. Australian wheat remains quiet due to lack of export demand from offshore market.

Very small demand from SEA millers for Australian wheat, as we heard APW1 being quoted at U$305/mt levels; APH2 being quoted at U$360/mt levels to CNF SEA major ports.

Export of wheat containerized increased by 11% in Dec,23 (134,782 MT) compared to previous month Nov23(121,487 MT); major buyers are Thailand, Vietnam & China. Export of bulk in wheat increased by 26% in Dec,23 (1,267,514 MT) compared to Nov,23 (1,007,848 MT); Top importers are China, Philippines & Indonesia in December as per ABS.

Australian desi chickpeas demand remains slow as no participation from Nepal, UAE, Pakistan & Bangladesh already covered Ramadhan demand in December. Small pocket size demand from Bangladesh at about U$685/mt CFR Chittagong levels.

Export of chickpeas increased by 189% in Dec,23 (94,763MT) compared to Nov,23 (32,697MT); most bulk shipments only executing. Main buyer is Bangladesh in December as per ABS.

We observe a strong demand for Australian red sorghum as China’s new holidays get near, and we have heard that sorghum is trading for between U$295-U$305/mt to CNF China major ports. Australian mung beans are trading in containers to CFR Qingdao at U$950-955/mt levels.

Kaspa peas no significant trade demand against cheaper Russian yellow peas at U$380/mt to CNF China major ports; Australian barley not competitive against Russian barley at U$240-245/mt levels to CNF China major ports in containers.

Exports of Lentils increased by 99% in Dec,23 (237,345 MT) compared to Nov,23 (119,134 MT); Top importers are India & Bangladesh in December as per ABS. Onoing demand from India at sub/par U$700–U$710/mt to CFR Kolkata/NS all the way upto June,24 shipment period. Limited volume trades in containers as margins have eroded for traders and significant grower selling resistance below these levels. India’s Rabi crop outlook is key factor in determining price direction and demand on lentils in the coming months. Extended period of cold weather and sudden change of temperature in crucial Feb/Mar period may have an impact on yield – remains to be seen.

The Pakistani domestic desi chickpea crop is gaining attention as it could potentially determine the new direction and price in the market. Currently no demand forthcoming and with elections counting underway we expect market to be quiet for atleast next 1 month till a stable government is sworn in with new direction and cues to trade.

We are observing minimal trade activity in Australain lentils into Pakistan & heard trade offers for CHKM at U$620/mt levels & NIP1/HAL1 at U$715/mt levels to CFR Karachi in containers.

In Bangladesh, observing trade activity in Kaspa peas, which trading at U$445/mt levels to CFR Chittagong. As we heard trade offers for NIP1/HAL1 at U$695/mt levels and CHK1 at U$690/mt levels to CFR Chittagong in containers for prompt shipments.

Presently, there is no significant demand in Nepal for Australian lentils, CHK1, or canola, but buyers are bidding at lower prices for NIP1/HAL1 at U$725-U$730/mt levels; CHK1 at U$650/mt levels; canola at U$570/mt levels – all CFR Birgunj which are not viable as Australian replacement cost is higher.

Containerised exports of pulses and grains remain subdued in Q1 on account lower demand from destinations who have remained well fed by northern hemisphere origins as growers in Australia continue to dribble out only small quantities of all grains and pulses and there is significant resistance to selling below target values. Pulses export volumes continue to be driven by bulk vessel exports of lentils, chickpeas and faba beans to Indian sub-continent and Middle East markets.

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