Over the last week, the global market wheat market remains unchanged.

Australian wheat local market prices remain unchanged, however in some regions where harvest is near about to finish, selling pressure is visible. In QLD prices are about A$5/mt less than week ago; WA harvest has picked up with reduction in price about A$10/mt, while Northern NSW harvest on full swing experienced lower price about A$15/mt; SA, Victoria & Southern NSW will be in peak harvest in 2-3 weeks. With harvest in Victoria commencing, wheat is now generally looking workable in containers to SE Asia although buyers also keeping a watch on harvest pressure to engage in coverage for 1st quarter of 2024.

On Barley, prices remain sluggish. China is allegedly purchasing more feed barley, and quality for this harvest is generally good with more Malt grade. This is causing feed/malt premiums to reduce.

Desi chickpeas harvest in NSW is on in full swing with bids from buyers remaining strong to upcountry packing sites. Destinations such as Pakistan, Nepal & UAE remain out for new crop due to significant spreads on old crop 1’s & CHKM vs new crop CHK1. At the moment only Bangladesh remains serious buyer for new crop CHK1 but with limited opportunities to trade them given the currency payment issues.

Lentils demand remains constant although pricing has been impacted by sluggish demand in India and harvest selling pressure in SA. Quality is generally anticipated to be good for this harvest in contrast to last year’s crop with significant quality issues. Victoria will harvest in 2-3 weeks with most packing sites now committed for Dec period and shipping window now spreading to Jan/Feb. Bulk shippers also gearing up with expected 5-6 vessels to be loaded 1st qtr 2024.

In Bangladesh, we are noticing trade some movements for desi chickpeas & buyers are actively participating in cover the stock before Ramadan 2024. We heard for CHK1 traded at U$650 to U$670/mt levels CFR Chittagong in containers (Nov/Dec) & also we heard trade offers for Nipper/Hallmark#1 at U$710-U$720/mt levels CFR Chittagong; for Kyabra desi we heard trade offers at U$690/mt levels CFR Chittagong for Nov/Dec in containers.

In China, no major demand for Kaspa peas against cheaper Russian yellow peas trade offers at U$330/mt levels CFR major China ports in containers. Australian sorghum demand losing ground at U$360/mt levels against cheaper US Sorghum trade offers at U$320/mt levels (all prices CFR major China ports). As we learned that domestic sorghum prices are more competitive & that hits imported sorghum very hard his year; For Australian barley, we heard trade offers at U$270/mt levels (CFR major China ports) with limited buying interest. Container demand in China generally remains sluggish.

In India, minimal trade demand for Australian red lentils since last week. We heard the trade offers for Nipper/Hallmark#1 – U$705-U$710/mt CFR Kolkata in containers with no buying interest.

In Pakistan, lack of trade demand for desi chickpeas & nipper/hallmark#1. We heard trade offers CHKM old crop at U$545/mt levels CFR Karachi & Also we heard Nipper/Hallamark#1 trade offers at U$710/mt CFR Karachi. Local domestic Karachi market price for CHKM at U$505/mt levels & CHK1 at U$525/mt levels; For Australian red lentils, we heard trade offers at 690/mt levels in bulk in vessel CFR Karachi.

In Nepal, no major movement in the market for desi chickpeas, Canola & Nipper/hallmark#1. Lack of demand at current values.

Export of lentils increased by 37% & India remains top destination followed by UAE, Egypt & Bangladesh in September as per ABS.

Exports of Desi Chickpeas fell by 19.5% & Pakistan remains major sales destination followed by UAE & Nepal in September as per ABS.

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned are for indication purpose only

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