Global wheat production 2023-24 declined by 1.9 MMT from last month to 784.2 MMT or 19 MMT less than last year 2022-23 as per IGC.

Russia attacked Ukraine’s grain terminals in the Danube port, which resulted in wheat futures up by 8.5%, though profit-taking capped the surges. Corn futures are also up by A$10-15 pmt.

The domestic Australian wheat market went up by A$20-A$50 pmt for old crops. But still Australian wheat is unable to compete against cheaper Russian grain in the destination market. In the SEA region, we heard that the Vietnamese buying Aussie wheat at mid-US$ 310 levels in bulk vessels.

Eygpt Govt assured to local public that it have sufficient wheat stock after Russia walked out from the grain deal on 18th July. Egypt started signing an agreement with India to import wheat & acute for other multiple wheat sources such from the US, Bulgaria, Romania, France & Germany as per UkrAgroConsult.

India has banned non-Basmati rice exports. As they predicted acute shortage is on the way due to crop damage by heavy rainfall. India accounted for more than 40% of rice exports across the globe.

In China, minimal trade demand for Australian sorghum against cheaper US sorghum. We heard trade offers for Australian Sorghum at U$ 340 levels last week & trade offers for US Sorghum at U$ 315-320 levels.

Global oilseed markets are unpredictable due to high tension in the Black Sea and dryness concerns in Canada, which resulted in Australia’s old crop canola prices going up by A$5 pmt & new crop trading at a premium price of A$20-40 pmt, this past week.

In Nepal, no price viability for Australian canola. As we heard trade offers for Ukrainian rapeseed at US$ 545-550 levels for CFR Birgunj.

In India, there is no major enquiry for Australian red lentils at the moment & the local port stock price is relatively flat. As we heard the trade offers for Nipper/Hallmark #1 at U$ 690 levels for Birgunj.

In China, minimal trade demand for Australian Kaspa peas against cheaper Russian yellow peas at US$ 330 levels. KASPA PEAS traded CFR Tianjin US$ 380 pmt in containers.

In Nepal, as we heard the trade offer for Australian CHK1 at US$ 580 levels for CFR Birgung & Biratnagar in containers.

In Pakistan, we heard trade offer CHKM at US$ 540 levels CFR Karachi to final buyers & PKR currency is firming up.

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