Global wheat production forecast for 2024/25 has been reduced by 1 MMT to 798 MMT, despite a 9 MMT increase from 2023/24. The IGC has increased its forecast for Australian wheat exports in 2024/25 by 500KT due to reduced availability of low-cost wheat from the Black Sea region. APW quoted mid $270 main SE Asia ports in containers.

Global canola/rapeseed production for 2024/25 is expected to be 87.8 MMT, the lowest since 2021/22, while Australia’s projected yield is expected to rise by 400KT than last season as per IGC. We are hearing Australian GM canola trade offers quoted at U$620/MT levels to CFR Birgunj in containers.

Global barley production, which hit a 5 year low in 2023/24, is anticipated to increase to 151.2 MMT in 2024/25. Concurrently, Australian barley production is expected to reach 11.6 MMT, while Australian barley exports are projected to increase to 8.2MMT in 2024/25, up from 7.9MMT in the previous season as per IGC & thanks to China’s stable demand for barley. As we are hearing Australia barley trade offers quoted at U$260/MT levels to CNF China main ports in containers. 

In China, the demand for sorghum remains stable to low, with trade offers reported at U$285/MT levels to CFR Tianjin in containers for July/August shipments. Buyer interest in Australian GMB is limited, trade offers quoted at U$930/MT (processing grade) less U$60 for manufacturing grade levels to CFR Qingdao in containers. Kaspa peas – last trade reported at U$415/MT levels to CFR Tianjin in containers for June/July shipments.

This week, we are observing demand for old crop of desi chickpeas has strengthened for May/June shipment in Pakistan & Nepal.  Following the Eid holidays, demand for Australian desi chickpeas M grade and old crop 22/23 has surged while that for red lentils has slowed in Pakistan. Delays in the harvest due to rain have led to an increase in the price of CHKM to U$606/MT in domestic market. Trade offers have been quoted for NIP/HAL1 at U$725/MT; CHKM (old crop) at U$675/MT for CFR Karachi in containers. In Nepal, trade reported for NIP1/HAL1 at U$750/MT to CFR Birgunj, while offers for CHKM (old crop) at U$670/MT; CHK1(old crop) at U$710/MT to CFR Birgunj in containers.

The domestic desi chickpea market in India is tightening, we are observing effect to Australian desi chickpeas forward trade offers quoted at U$740/MT levels to multiple port options for Oct/Nov/Dec shipments. The slow domestic arrival of lentils is creating a demand for Australian red lentils, with trade offers heard at U$720/MT levels in containers. Hearing that trade reported for faba beans at U$470/MT to CFR Kolkata levels in containers.

Following the Eid holiday, there is good demand for faba beans and no demand on lupins. Faba beans availability is low amid limited grower selling in Victoria and South Australia with high price bids from bulk buyers for 3 vessels scheduled for May-June period. Container Price indications are as follows: Lupins – U$515/MT; Faba beans – U$505/MT levels to CFR Damietta in containers.

Western Australia continues to remain dry with limited 5-10mm rain forecast for next 8 days. Canola is being planted dry and growers hoping for a break to proceed with cereals planting.

East Coast Australia has fared better with planting in progress across states of SA, VIC, NSW & QLD. Sowing is progressing smoothly with canola planting completing in next 5-10 days and pulses and cereals being sowed after. Some areas in SA need more rain for planting whilst QLD needs more dry days to complete planting. More on planting numbers in the coming few weeks.

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned are for indication purpose only

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