The global wheat crop estimates for 2023–24 was reduced by 2 MMT to 785 MMT as per International Grains Council (IGC) which is 18 MMT lower than crop produced in the previous season.

The global wheat market has been bearish over the last week because to Black Sea competition. Russia agreed to export 70 million tons of grains, legumes, and oilseeds to China over a 12-year period. SEA wheat buyers now looking for coverage for Jan 24 to Mar 24 period with price expectations on APW at below U$300/mt CFR major SEA ports in containers. With harvest currently ongoing we are observing limited high protein wheat with majority of crop expected to fall in ASW/APW category.

In desi chickpeas, harvest deliveries in full swing in QLD/NSW but we don’t see any firm demand at the moment for new crop of Australian desi chickpeas as we learned Pakistan already had sufficient stock as of now, Nepal & UAE not keen to buy at premium price. Bangladesh slowly covering container demand for Ramadan 2024 requirements, with ongoing shipments allowing pricing to hold up for now. Market indications are U$640 to 650/mt levels CFR Chittagong.

In China, market is sluggish at the moment for Australian sorghum & as we heard trade offers at U$360/mt levels in containers with limited interest from buyer. In Australian barley, we heard trade offers at around U$270’s levels with lack of bids from buyer as Russian barley has been traded U$238/mt levels in containers. Lastly, we are observing that no China trade demand for Australian Kaspa Peas at the moment.

In India, we are observing no major trade activities for Australian red lentils since last week due to ongoing festival season & also we learned that buyers are willing to wait to get prices to soften up. We heard trade offer for Nipper/Hallmark#1 at U$730/mt levels for Kolkata in containers.

In Pakistan, after emerging as top volume buyer for Australian CHKM, demand has slowed down due to sufficient stock availability. We heard trade offers for old crop CHKM at U$525-535/mt levels & local market prices for CHKM at U$500/mt levels.

In Nepal, no trade activities due to going on festival season. As we head trade offers for CHK1 at U$670/mt levels to Birgunj in containers & also heard the Ukraine rapeseed traded at U$535/mt levels in Nov/Dec shipment in containers

In Egypt, we are noticing consistent enquiries for Faba beans. We heard trade offers at CFR Damietta at U$440/mt. With Victoria harvest delayed, earlier shipment requirements are being filled from QLD/NSW.

AUD/USD in range of 0.63/0.64 which is assisting export business.

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned are for indication purpose only

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